Holiday Luxury Gift Basket

Holiday Luxury Gift Basket

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The Harry's Bar in Venice opened the doors to its customers in 1931. The Cipriani family has been taking care of it since then. These gift boxes are the result of our 30 years experience. There inside are traditions, taste, elegance, and care. 

Cipriani gift box includes:

Tagliolini Classica Egg Pasta Cipriani

Pappardelle Classica Egg Pasta Cipriani

Tagliardi Classica Egg Pasta with Spinach Cipriani

Tagliolini Delicata Egg Pasta with out yolk Cipriani

Tagliarelle Egg Pasta 30% Proteins Cipriani

Rigatoni Organic Semolina Pasta Cipriani

Spaghetti Organic Semolina Pasta Cipriani

Pesto alla Genovese Organic Cipriani

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany Cipriani 

The Harry's Bar Cookbook by Arrigo Cipriani

Bellini Cipriani Alcohol Free - 4* 180 ml

Panettone Hand Wrapped Cipriani